Witness Kadlec believes that the Czechs will return Turkey to the defeat of the European Championship 2008

Defender Michal Kadlec is one of the four players in the current European Championship in 2008 and defeated 2: 3 with Turkey in the final match of the group. After eight years, the situation in the Euro in France is repeated and a thirty-one-year-old stoper Unibet believes that Czech footballers on Tuesday will lose their opponents and retire.

The representation then led 2-0 and went for the game, but Turkey three goals in the last quarter of an unexpected turn of the state. At that time, Kadlec was also on the lawn that changed the lead in the 80th minute. “Of course, he does not Unibet online betting remember well, I came to the pitch as a young boy, and he was in the center and 2: 2, and then you get to 2: 3, it was the first big tournament for me and we went unfortunately home.Memories are bad, but it’s been a long time ago. I hope they will be better now, “Kadlec told journalists.

The match with Turkey is also remembered by goalkeeper Petr Čech, midfielder Jaroslav Plašil and Tomáš Sivok, who did not intervene in Euro. i> “Great revenge? It is, of course, specific in that we are still qualified in Turkey. There we won and then lost at Unibet home, although we had some progress. So the match was a bit different. I think the two teams know each other well, “Kadlec said.

The match with Turkey is also special because he was dressed in Fenerbahce Istanbul from 2013 until the end of this club season. i> “There are a lot of my teammates playing, even at the base, so I know the team. I also know the other players who work in other clubs.I know the opponents, I do not want to say anything but a lot, “said Kadlec.

Turkey will go to the match with the Czech team without a point, in the second match of the group, too, > “They probably are not in good shape when they lost two matches. What I saw in Spain was that they had been so impressed for a while. That’s our chance. Even if they want to, they will want to make us feel bad. We will try to win the game at any cost so we can Unibet give it a little bit back in 2008. I hope we can do it, and we will raise the game, “Kadlec said.

the start of the tournament lost 0: 1 with Spain and then missed a 2: 2 draw with Croatia despite losing 0: 2.He needs to win with Turkey. “It could be counted before the tournament that it could be a decisive match for the game.This is fulfilled.By we will try to take the last 15 minutes from Croatia.We had a golden point for us.In the past it has been a few Unibet times that you’ve done a good result out of nowhere when you’re almost one foot at home, “added Kadlec.

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