Five mountain ranges, Galibier and Izoard. Tour 2017 declassified the route

The next year will be thirty years since the Tour last went on its journey from Germany. At that time, in the times of the divided German country, it was from West Berlin – and Milan Jurčo, the first Czechoslovak professional in the Tour history, was also in the start.

According to the original plans of the organizers, the next 104th Tournament was to start in London , but the candidate was withdrawn for financial reasons last year, which opened doors for Düsseldorf.

First July 2017, this will all begin.

After the introductory time around the Rhine, the race goes southwest to Belgium, and via Luxembourg on the French soil. Tours are gradually being visited by Vosges, Jura, Pyrenees, the Central Massif and the Alps, all the five most important French mountains.Which was the last time in the year 1979.

For the third consecutive year, the Alps will be the final mountain range along the route, again down the Pyrenees.

In the itinerary, you will not find the mythical Mont Ventoux, nor 21 serpentines in the Alpe d Huez or the Pyrenean Tourmalet. Event Director Christian Prudhomme invites “atypical mountain stages” and some notorious climbs.

The organizers have marked the 9th stage as the 9th stage, which does not lead in the Alps or the Pyrenees but across the Jura Mountains. Cyclists get up to 4600 meters high.

Still, there are some classical peaks like the Galibier alpine and Peyresourde in Pyrenees. The real treat will be to reach the legendary Izoard.

For the second consecutive year there will be no team time.Overall, the Time Trail is less than this year, except betting online for the opening thirteen already just twenty-three in the 20th.stage, timetable in Marseille.

As opposed to the previous two seasons, the penultimate stage of the Tour will not be a mountain stage, but just as in 2014.

Two bikes are waiting for the bikers during the race, first from Chambery to Perigueux and the last mile of 800 miles from Marseilles to Paris.

But the climax will be classical, forty-eight with the Champs-Elysées.

With a flat start time, a four-time world champion in this discipline, Tony Martin, could wear a yellow jersey in his home environment.

The start at Düsseldorf is another step by ASO organizing the even more significant return of Germany to the Tour stage.

“A new era of German cycling has begun, Prudhomme. “Nobody can erase the old one.But the German fight against doping should be an example for everyone else. “Christian Prudhomme during a festive presentation

The second sprinter stage will introduce cyclists to Belgian Liege . The following is done by Luxembourg and will already offer a classic profile.

Since the fourth act, the Peloton has been heading to French territory. The first mountain test will be at Vosees in the 5th stage, culminating in a climb to the popular Beautiful Girl Plan , with a 14 per cent rise in the last 500 meters.

Here, in the year 2012, he excelled in the three-time champion Chris Froome, still in the role of assistant Bradley Wiggins.Two years later, Vincenzo Nibali triumphed here.

The race will then pass through Troyes and Nuits-Saint-Georges to the next Jura mountain range. The stage will culminate in the next known Station des Rousses center.

And then there will be the 9th online betting bonuses stage, according to the organizers the most difficult of all.

Not only do the riders climb to the dreaded Grand Colombier , which is the first time in Tour history from the steepest side, which means almost nine-mile climb up to 22 percent. In front of the Chamberlain, it is the first to check out the notorious Mont du Chat from the big races, many of which are brutal. Le Cycle Magazine has even described it as the toughest upscale climb in France.

“I do not know him at all.I will definitely drive him in front of the Tour, “said Chris Froome, defense attorney.

After a free day and a flight from Chambery to the Dordogne region, Tour 10 continues from Perigueux Bergerak . These two cities hosted a long time in the opposite gable last night, in which Jan Bárta and Leopold König shone. This time it will be a sprinter stage.

Leopold König after the 2014 Tournament, where he took the seventh place in NetApp. Next year, the Tour returns as the leader of the same stables, now under the name of Bora.

The next day, the peloton goes to the Pau, gateway to the Pyrenees, and then one of the toughest stages it will be the thirteenth, 214 kilometers long and the goal at Peyragudes peak .Here, cyclists scramble through the Peyresourde with a fifteen-mile climb with a maximum of 16 percent.

In the past, both Tour and Vuelta culminated in Peyragudes – and Leopold König was also very good at Vuelta 2013.

Fourteenth of July, during the celebration of the French national holiday, the short and explosive Pyrenees stage is waiting for a Pyrenean stage to be explored over 100 kilometers to Foix Across the county around Toulouse, the Tour is heading east, and the 14th and 15th stages are testifying to classics. On the way to Puy-en-Velay cyclists will also pass the Central Massif

After the second free day and Sprinter 16th stage, the Sailor Alps will be up front. Serre Chevalier Telegraph , the famous Galibier Col ​​de la Croix de Fer !

The eighteenth act from Briancon sends the rider across Vars to the top of another legendary Pass Izoard , up to 2360 meters, and to places of memorable Coppi and Bartali

This stage was also listed for amateurs, and a total of 15,000 people from all over the world will be able to measure their strengths on the same track as later professionals. There is also a 67 kilometer women’s race at Izoard.

Roman Kreuziger has returned to Tour to Top 10 after a three-year break.Whether she is going to take her new Orica team next year, or whether he prefers Giru and Vuelta, has not yet published.

The longest stage of the whole year, the nineteenth, will lead Embrun  Salon de Provence .

If the race is not decided yet, the final word will say up to 23km in Marseille . It will not be flat, it will offer a shorter climb with a maximum of 17 percent. Stade Vélodrome will see its goal, and for the first time since 1979, it will be one of the Stage tour stages at the stadium.

After the airshow from Marseille, the final stage of the Tour at Montgronon will begin, where the first race of the race was held in July 1903.The route of this “festive” tour is also surrounded by some sports venues with which Paris is standing for the 2024 Olympic Games.

There will be only one. Get on the Champs Elysées and decorate the winners.

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